Dr. Darlene Rivera-Lavin, Ph.D.

To see into self-nature is merit; to treat all things as equal is a virtue.

About Us


 American Psychology Consultants and Multicultural Services

The group has been providing services since 2003.  Some of the experiences and specialized services are testing school aged children, developmentally disabled adults and forensic evaluations. Our experiences include services to schools, hospitals, geriatric population, assisted living facilities, federal and state probation services, jails, military personnel, children of the military, prisons, forensic facilities, foster care department and the corporate arena for employee selection and training.   

Our panel consist of consultation with experts in the mental health field, education, special education teachers, ESOL, tutors and referrals to professionals in the legal field. 

Clinical Psychologist:

Dr. Darlene Rivera-Lavin
is a clinical psychologist and professional educator.  She motivates individuals to adopt a healthier lifestyle, to improve their communication style and manage life’s challenges with grace. Her forensic and legal experience started in HRS with foster care cases, later in the federal courts with defendants adapting to society. Currently, the interviews and evaluations are prepared for individuals that need eligibility for social security disability, veterans that need an evaluation for service connected mental health conditions and individuals that need a thorough psychosocial evaluation for immigration. She also provides services to children and adults with  chronic stress conditions, learning disorders, depression, anxiety, relaxation training, developmental conditions, pain management and PTSD.  

 Her professional experiences include:   

  • Professional Workshops
  • Forensic Interviews and Testing
  • Managing pain and surgical preparation
  • Evaluations for U.S. Immigration
  • Social Security Disability Evaluations
  • Foster Care Counselor, HRS
  • Law enforcement: U.S. Probation and Pretrial Office
  • Federal Medical Center, Carswell Base
  • Bureau of Prisons
  • VA Medical Center

Educational Consultant:   
Our consultants are experienced in helping students at different levels and also assist in the transition from high school into college.  We work with school aged children, middle school and high school.  We also provide parent consultations.

Rosanna Rivera, M.Ed.
Providing services to students that need help achieving their academic goals:
  • Organization, time management and study skills.
  • Assess the needs of At-Risk Students, analyzing academic needs and strategies.
  • Assess behaviors at home and in the classroom and determine intervention needed for success.
  • Determining accommodations needed in the classroom and adaptations at home.
  • Test to assess needs (reading, phonology, comprehension and math).
  • Provide referral to specialists.