Dr. Darlene Rivera,  Clinical Psychologist 

Enhance your Chances

Psychological Services for School Placement and
Forensic Decisions.


Forensic evaluations help the legal professionals, judges and the correctional department make critical decisions regarding a defendant during intake, crisis management, classification, management of mental health services, and for conditions of probation and parole. It gathers information including background history, intelligence, family history, cognitive functioning, behaviors and emotional level in making recommendations to the court.  The interview may include intelligence or psychological testing, as well as the determination of competency to stand trial or criminal responsibility (insanity at the time of the crime). 


In addition, assessing individuals in their home language is essential in determining accurate diagnosis and aspects of malingering.  We look at all the aspects of the defendant and compose an ethical and thorough forensic report. 


Accurate and thorough assessment is essential to help children and youth succeed academically, to cope emotionally and grow socially. The goal is to improve the student’s self esteem, create a safe, healthy and supportive learning environment, in order to strengthen the connection between home and school

Other evaluations:

School Evaluations, Learning Disabilities Evaluations, Bariatric Assessments, Pain Management, Worker's Compensation, Social Security Disability, PreSurgical Assessments.

TESTS offered include: Achievement Tests (WIAT-II), Intelligence Tests (Weschler Scales), K-Bit, Adaptive Behavior Scales, Logical Reasoning (Raven Advanced Matrices Scales, Toni), MMPI, among others.

These evaluations are used to assess needs and determine:
Intelligence quotient  IQ
Learning disabilities
School and College Accommodations
Social Security Disability
Pre-trial, Competence to Stand Trial
Mental Status
Estate Planning - Testamentary Ability
Treatment recommendations

                       Fees may vary according to services provided or needed  

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